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Week #22

It was our 100th day of school on Friday!!! To celebrate this big number, we gathered 10 groups of 10 things in our classroom and layed them all out on the rug, and then proceeded to counting them! It was a lot of work, but we did it and it was very exciting :) We did not know we could count that high!!!

This week, we studied the letter K. K is for Kalista and Kruze :) It is also for kindness, king and kite!

K is also for Kansas. We learned all about our great state, that was turning 161 years this week. We talked about the state flag and the state symbols. We are making a little book with those.

For snack, we tried something that starts with K... kiwis!!! Everybody tried some. It was sweet, it was sour, it was juicy... yum!

As a STEAM activity, our small group is making kazoos... When they are done, we will be exploring sound with them.

We learned about snow... Where does it come from, what is it made of, what happens when it gets warm? So many questions...

We are learning and having fun every day in preschool!!!

We also celebrated Ellie's birthday, she turned 4 this week!!!


Coming up: Catholic schools week starts tomorrow Sunday with a Mass. This coming week, the whole school will be celebrating the joy of belonging to a Catholic School. I sent a schedule of the various events for the older students in the red folder. Our preschoolers can participate if they would like in dressing up in the different themes each day :)

Hoping you are enjoying your weekend, I will see you all on Monday!

Mrs Aline Hunter

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