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Week #25

Thank you parents for a very fun Valentine's Day party!!! We shared delicious treats, we played a game and made a craft :) What a fun way to celebrate our love for our friends!!!

We also talked about Valentine's Day in our religion lesson. We learned that, when we love others, we show God how much we love Him. Jesus told us to love one another as He loves us. When we are kind and help people, we show them we love them, and we are doing what Jesus wants us to do.

We learned the letter N this week. N is for no, nice and Noah.

N is also for numbers! We worked more specifically on the number 2.

In STEAM, we explored sound with the kazoos that we made. We noticed that we could hear different sounds with different sized tubes, with a different number of holes on the side, and if we covered one or more holes! Then we had a little concert :) That was fun!

Coming up: Mark your calendars!!! On Monday March 7th, we will be going with the whole school to the Great Plains Theatre to see The Ugly Duckling, a live literature performance. We are going to need drivers for our little ones! The permission slips will come home on Wednesday. Please return them by March 2nd, and let me know if you can help with this!

Have an awesome week!

Mrs Aline Hunter

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