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Week #5

How do you like our ladybugs?!!! This is our new hallway board!

We had another busy and fun week in preschool.

We continued working on colors. The new one this week was pink!

We focused on pencil grip, as we are getting ready to write letters. We are trying to color inside the lines, and to trace different kinds of lines, with markers, crayons and pencils. We are getting good at this!

We had our first circle. Circles are an important part of our Virtue Based Restorative Discipline curriculum. We sit in a circle and get to express ourselves one at a time about a subject. It helps us get to know each other better, we learn to take turns and to listen to our friends when they speak. We talked about feelings this week. We want to be able to recognize and acknowledge everyone's feelings, and to be respectful about them. We learned about a calming strategy that we can use when needed: S.T.A.R (Smile, Take a deep breath, And Relax). It was fun to try it ;)

Our religion lesson was My Name is Special. We talked about how each of us is special and unique, how God knows us since before we were born, and how our parents picked a special name just for us! At home, you can tell your children the story of how you chose their name (and middle name :)!

In science, we did a magic paper towel experiment, involving paper towels, permanent markers, washable markers, and WATER!!! That was a lot of fun to watch the colors dissolve in the shapes we drew.

We read our Scholastic News: the subject was Let's try new things! We have been trying new things every day at school, in the classroom, and on the playground! It is exciting, and sometimes a little scary, to try new things. Sometimes we like it, and sometimes we are not sure, and that is okay! Ask your children what they have tried so far, and how it was!!!

Mrs Hunter and Mrs Simenson witness us trying new things all the time, and they are SUPER proud of all of us ;)

We also celebrated Taylor's birthday this week!

She turned 5 :)


Thank you all for participating in our trash bag sales !!!!

I hope you had a great weekend. I will see you all tomorrow!

Mrs Aline Hunter

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