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Week #7

Learning and playing every day!

We are continuing learning colors :) Our new color this week was gray! We also work hard on developping our fine motor skills while gluing.

We introduced the math concept of same versus different this week, and we have been doing some matching and some sorting with shapes, colors, and sizes.

In science, we talked about germs! What are they, where are they, and how do we get rid of them?!... We used puppets to talk about how and when we need to wash our hands, and that was super fun! We did an experiment, which included water, dish soap, and... GLITTER (if only germs were that exciting!!!)!!!

In religion, we talked about how God gave us our family, and how our family cares for us.

We are praying together every morning, and we often thank God for our family!!!

Coming up:

On Friday, we started talking about apples... This coming week, we are going to expand on that, and I would love it if every student could bring one apple on Wednesday, to observe and to eat ;)!

We are going on a field trip!!! On Friday October 15th, we will be visiting the Moose Creek Pumpkin Patch in Chapman. I sent home the permission slips on Friday in the folders. If you would like to join your child that day, you are welcome to do so. If you are interested in helping with driving other children, please contact me or the office to obtain the paperwork to fill out for this :)

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weekend, and I will see you all tomorrow!

Mrs Aline Hunter

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