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Week #8

We had such an exciting week in Preschool!

Did you notice we were in the newspaper this week?!!! We want to thank our Abilene firemen for visiting our school and sharing their safety presentation with us! We listened very attentively and were so good the entire time (Principal Whitehair was very impressed with our great behaviors ;)) A fire safety packet was sent home for your child to explore with you. It is a good time to review your family emergency plan together!

We started working on our alphabet. We explored the letter A this week. A is for Asher! We are focusing on recognizing the letter Aa, and sounding the short sound of /a/, like in the word apple. We did a lot with apples! We got to have an apple tasting snack, where we tasted four different kinds of apples (thank you for bringing apples to school ;). Some were sweet, some were sour, some were juicy! Yum!!! We also had dried apricots to try (but that was not a real success :(

In science, we observed the different parts of an apple. We also made apple pie crescent rolls, and that was fun and yummy!

A is also for animals and ark (we have an ark in the classroom and we played with that) and also for angel :) We are learning to say the Angel of God prayer before we leave school :)

Our lesson in religion was My Family Cares for Me. We have been talking about how God watches over us, and how he gave us our family, who loves us and takes care of us. Our family protects us and keeps us safe.

We went over the Child Lures Prevention curriculum on Friday. Our teacher used puppets to address the topic of staying safe and always telling everything to our trusted adults, who can protect us. We learned about our private bathing suit zone and about never following people that we do not know. This is a good opportunity for you to follow the discussion about safety with your children at home. If you have any question about this curriculum, do not hesitate to contact me :)

We also finished going over the colors with the color white this week. We can now name all of the colors ;)

Coming up: This Friday, the 15th, we will be going on our field trip to the Moose Creek Pumpkin Patch :) Please make sure that your permission slip and money are sent to school before Friday. Let me know if you want to drive your child there. If you would like to help with transportation of other friends, make sure you fill out the required paperwork available in the office. If your child will be riding in somebody else's car, we will need their car seat, labeled with their name :) On that day, please do not bring your backpack to school.

Enjoy the extra weekend day tomorrow, and I will see some of you back on Tuesday, and everyone on Wednesday!

Mrs Aline Hunter

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