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Welcome to our Preschool Class!!!

We met a lot of new friends this week!

From left to right: (top row) Joey, Caysen, Jocelyn, Ellie, Harper, Rush, Henley, Kalista, Asher, (bottom row) Ella, Camden, Kruze, Paisley, Hardy, Ryken, Taylor, (in front) Delaila and Sofia.

We played A LOT this week, we even had extra recess!!!We learned to line up to be quiet in the hallway, to sit nicely at the carpet... So many rules!!! We are doing awesome!

We used our crayons to draw pictures and color. Look how hard we are working!

Some of us got to use scissors and glue to make an ice cream cone.

You have seen some of our work come home this week in our red folder. Thank you for checking it daily ;) As your children bring home their artwork from school, make sure you praise them, they are so proud to make something for you! You may want to display it somewhere, like on the refrigerator, until the next master piece comes home ;)

We had our first religion lesson: Jesus welcomes the children. You can find the Bible story and some discussion and prayer ideas for your family on the back of the work sheet that was sent home. We also took a little field trip to visit the statue of Jesus and the children by the parish hall!

In science, we have observed three different kinds of caterpillars, some eggs and a chrysalis. We will continue to watch what they are doing in our classroom for the next couple of weeks. We talked about what caterpillars eat (ours are eating parsley and broccoli), and read The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

We also celebrated Camden's birthday, who turned 4 on his first day of school :)


Your children are a lot of fun and we had a great week together :)

As we are getting more comfortable coming to school, we also get to use the bathroom, and some times even for our big business ;) Please keep helping your children at home in training on wiping by themselves! They are becoming so big!!!

Hoping you are enjoying your weekend, I will see you all tomorrow!

Mrs Aline Hunter

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