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With fall, we welcome more friends!!!

Let me introduce our new friends in Preschool: Wade and Reagan :)

Reagan turned 3 on her first day of school! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Reagan!!!

We also celebrated several other birthdays this past month!

Billy turned 4, Benson turned 4 and Jocelyn turned 5!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Billy, Benson, and Jocelyn!

We have been working on recognizing our names and starting to write it. Along with that we are working on the proper way to hold our utensils! Any chance you get, please help your child identify tags that have their name on it and what letter is at the beginning of their name.

We have explored primary and secondary colors with our crayons, markers, and paints!

We started working on our alphabet. We explored the letter A this week. We are focusing on recognizing the letter Aa, and sounding the short sound of /a/, like in the word apple. We learned a lot about apples!

Every day we build and play, we look so serious sometimes, but we have so much fun!

This week we also celebrated our trash bag sales fundraiser success! We watched a movie and had some special snacks :) Thank you to all who participated in raising money for our school!!!

I also would like to thank Mrs Whitehair and Mrs Koop for filling in for me when I had a family emergency in France. I would also like to thank the children, who did a GREAT job adjusting to the change!!!

Coming up:

This coming Friday is our field trip to the Moose Creek pumpkin patch. WE STILL NEED DRIVERS! Please if you can take your child let me know if you have not done so yet...

The following week will be fall conferences on Thursday the 20th. Mrs Whitehair sent out the link to sign up :)

Last but not least... we still need a parent coordinator for our class!!! PLEASE consider helping with this. Do not hesitate to ask me questions about it :)

I am looking forward to seeing some of you back tomorrow and everyone on Wednesday!

Mrs Aline Hunter

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