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Colors Colors Everywhere! (Pre-K All Day & Transitional)

Hello parents! Thank you so much for participating in our colors week by dressing your child in the color of the day!! We enjoyed seeing our friends and finding the color of the day in their outfits each day. What a fun whirlwind of a week! We painted a Lot this week and had fun doing it!

We started off with racing cars through the red paint to create some neat tracks!! Then on blue day we painted with two different blue tones using blueberries :) On orange day we mixed red and yellow to make our very own orange paint! Today, we used blue and yellow to make our very own green! We also enjoyed finding and sorting the different colors out of the sand box (there were a lot of treasures hidden in there!) We read so many books about color this week but one of my favorites was "A Color of His Own." This book is about chameleons and how neat it is that they change color to be camouflaged wherever they are. We did color science, mixing the colors in milk and saw how dish soap pushed them to the edge of the bowl and made a tie dye effect like magic! We also did water color mixing to discover what combination made what colors. We did stacking cups in different colors and made stain glass window art with different chalk colors (these are hanging in our room.)

In religion we learned about the story from Matthew when Jesus says "Let the children come to me." We also took a walk over to the church to visit the statue of this and we enjoyed singing Jesus Loves Me. We discussed how no problem is too big for Jesus and He wants us to come to him with anything and everything!! We have been praying daily in class for our families, our friends that are sick, and for help with patience.

We continue to work on writing our name and getting all the letters made in correct case. Again, this is something helpful you can work on with your child at home. In our handwriting series, they teach that it's very important we start all our letters at the top. When helping/watching your child practice their name at home please reinforce that they are starting every (capital) letter at the top. We will be working on recognizing both the uppercase and lowercase but only writing capitals (unless it's in their name.) We will be starting letters after next week once we've finished the colors.

We continue to work on good listening and the difficult skills of self-control and patience. We are working on saying "I'm sorry" when we've wronged someone and we're in turn working on saying "I forgive you" these two important pieces of our Virtue Based Restorative Discipline (VBRD) are extremely important to our classroom environment.

Another new thing we talked about how to take precautions to prevent sickness. Things like cover your cough, wash your hands when you sneeze or cough into them and blow your nose when it's running (then wash your hands.) We washed our hands a lot :) I am thankful for all your support at home with these things and reminding your kiddos we have to give each other some space so we can stay healthy and stay in school. There are a lot of things going around and have had lots of sick friends this week. Just a friendly reminder from the school nurse: if your child doesn't feel good it's always better to keep them home and let them rest and recuperate at home so they can then come back to school once they're ready and better enjoy their time with friends.

I'm happy to say we had another fun-filled week of birthdays! Our friends, Laura, Gunner and Nash all celebrated birthdays this week!! Thanks for all the treats parents.

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend and I look forward seeing everyone back Tuesday for another colorful week!!

-Mrs. Whitehair

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