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Third Grade News

We've had a great first FULL week of school! I am so proud of how hard the students have worked this week!

Today we enjoyed a no uniform day and eating our lunches outside (and many with family members). 

Brooklyn is joined by mom and her sister for a socially-distanced lunch

Here's a recap of what we learned about:

Math: multiplication, arrays, equal groups, division

Students are doing an awesome job on their homework!

*Just a reminder, the students ONLY need to complete the problems that are CIRCLED on the math page, not the whole thing.

Reading: we'll start reading logs next week. (60 minutes per week) at home. Students fill out reading log-it'll come home in planners on Tuesday. It's blue. Students can keep in planner, take-home folder or on the fridge, whatever works best for your family. It is due each TUESDAY. Parent's initial.

We discussed teamwork and read about meerkats. We also went over listening and speaking skills.

Students got to check out books from our class library last week and our school library this week. We'll probably check out from the school library every other week. Students can check out 2 books at a time and should always have one book in their desk at school, and one in their bag for morning time in the gym, after school, etc. I will let you know when we have a set library check out day.

Science:  We watched a Mystery Science video about germs. We are starting our unit over plants. 

Social Studies: We are learning about our community. Students need to know their address and at least one main phone number. We also discussed class rules and made a "class constitution."

Religion:  We are talking about God creating the world. We learned that God made each of us in his image and that there are 4 main reasons why God created us: to know Him, to love Him, to serve Him, to spend eternity with Him in heaven.

We are learning more about our VBRD program. (Virtue-based restorative discipline.) We did a "circle" today and will continue to do at least once a week. 

Please initial planners each evening. I am so enjoying having your children in class. They are a GREAT group of kids. They have already earned LOTS of marbles....and will get to vote on a class reward when the jar is full! :) 

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. 

I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing Labor Day weekend. (No school Monday, see the kiddos on Tuesday.)

Sharon Wilson

Third Grade Teacher

St. Andrew's Elementary School

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