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Newsletter October 18th-22nd

October 18th-October 22nd

Here are a few things that my Kindergartners are going to learn this week!!!!!!


· Compare lengths using taller than and shorter than with aligned and non-aligned endpoints.

· Compare length measurements with string

· Make a series of longer than and shorter than comparisons

Reading wonders

· Essential Question of the week: What rules do we follow in different places?

· Visual Vocabulary: rule, cooperate, guard, prank, responsible, to

· Concepts of print, identify words, word building

· Phonemic Awareness: Phoneme blending, isolation, segmentation, Blending words with short I, Action words

· Literature Big book/questions/answers

· Verbs, rhymes, identify sight words, picture sort, syllables

· Independent Writing, presentations

· Beginning to read books (Can I Pat it?), (Tim Can Tip it)

Sight words:

I, can, the, we, see, a, like, to

Up-Coming Events:

· Oct. 21st - No School, Conferences - 12:00 - 8:00 p.m.

· Oct. 22nd - No School

· October 26th- Pumpkin Patch Trip

· Oct. 27th - Picture Retakes

· Oct. 28th - Hearing Screenings/Living Rosary at 2:15

· Oct. 29th – Halloween/Tiger Day

· Nov. 3rd- Vision Screenings

· Nov. 5th- Sack Lunch Day

· Nov. 12th- No School/Diocesan In-service

· Nov. 23rd- Thanksgiving meal/Turkey Trot/Mass at 10:00

· Nov. 24th-28th- Thanksgiving Break

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