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Once Upon A Time In First Grade 9/11-9/15

Teachers Corner:

Thank you for all that you do and for all your support over the last few weeks. This Wednesday we will be doing our Child Lures training with the kids and if you would like to not have your child be a part of this please send the letter you received on Friday back. Thursday this week will be the last day to get Trash Bag Sales in. I know that it is a little early to start talking about our class project for the auction this year, but I was wondering if we had any ideas of what we would like to make this year. Thank you again for all that you do. If you have any questions, or concerns please email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Important Dates:

  • September 12 – School Council Meeting, 6:30 p.m.

  • September 14 - Trash Bag Sales End, Mass at 2:00 today

  • September 18 - Picture Day (In Uniforms)

  • September 22 - Trash Bag Pick-up; SUMMER READING PROGRAM CELEBRATION

  • September 25 - No School, Inservice

  • September 29 - Dental Screenings


  • Monday-read for 10 minutes

  • Tuesday- read for 10 minutes

  • Wednesday- read for 10 minutes

  • Thursday- read for 10 minutes

  • Friday- read for 10 minutes


In Reading this week we will be continuing with the short sound of i and where authors might get their ideas from. We will be looking at realistic fiction and what a noun and present tense verbs are. We are also going to work on our writing skills and what is needed to write a sentence.


In Math this week we will be continuing our work on all the ways we can add 2 numbers together to get 8, 9, and 10. We will also be working on number bonds and counting on from one number that is given to get to 8, 9, and 10.


In Religion this week we will be learning about how the bible tells us stories about God and how we can be followers of Christ. Our Saint this week is Saint Augustine of Hippo. He was born in 354 and died in 430. Augustine lived with gusto, having a wild life and getting into much trouble. After reading God's word in the Bible, he repented and became a fervent Christian. Augustine's writings defended the faith of the Church against heresy. He is the patron saint of Theologians and his feast day is August 28th.

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