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Third Grade-August 25

Reading: This week we learned about and practiced being good speakers and listeners. We learned how our reading rotations will work. We discussed the importance of teamwork. We also completed our Fastbridge testing. This helps guide our teaching as well as helps us measure student improvement throughout the year.

Math: We're continuing our study of equal groups (multiplication), arrays, and division.

Religion: Last Friday we discussed the Holy Trinity: 3 persons in 1 God. This week we are learning about God's Creation. We read the creation story and are illustrating God's magnificent creations. Next week our class will help with the ministries at school mass. Thank you to those practicing mass readings at home!

Social Studies: We are learning about communities. We brainstormed ideas and wrote and signed a "Class Constitution."

Science: We are going to do a Mystery Science lesson to learn all about scientists tomorrow afternoon. We'll also be conducting an experiment with termites (virtually)!

Think First & Stay Safe: This week we started reviewing our safety lessons. This week we talked about:

-our built-in computers: our brains, we use these to stay healthy and safe

-people are like the weather: most are sunny & safe; people's behavior can change from sunny to stormy

-we should treat others with kindness & respect

-laws help protect our rights and keep us safe

-it's good to have trusted adults who we can talk to

-we should always listen to our instincts: all secrets can be told

-how to choose safe strangers (if we get lost/separated from our parents, who we can ask for help)

Tonight: Home & School meeting in the school gym @ 6:30.

Tomorrow: Spelling Test; No Uniform (pj or comfy clothes day); Family Picnic Day

Happy birthday, Jayce!

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