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Third Grade News

We had another great week in third grade. We celebrated Sophie's birthday. Isaiah shared his star student poster. Ava, Weston B. and Isaiah had fun building structures at after school. We also enjoyed having 2 St. Andrew alums read to us last Friday: Braden Wilson (my son) and Zane Schultz. We look forward to the AHS football players reading to us again on home game days. Other happenings:

Language Arts:

Essential Question: What can traditions teach you about culture?

*Fastbridge testing

*No Spelling List next week (because of the short week and field trip)


-distributive property, arrays, multiplication

-mid-chapter test

-Great job completing and returning homework!


-Creation, we are made in God's image, sin, Heaven

*4 reasons why God created us:

  1. to know Him

  2. to love Him

  3. to serve Him

  4. to spend eternity with him in Heaven

Social Studies:

-Labor Day, workers

Safety Program Lessons covered:

-dignity, we are all unique and deserve respect

-bathing suit zone; real love vs. fake love

-having 2 trusted adults who we can talk to about anything

-Lures: assistance lure, pet lure, authority lure


-Mystery science

Just a reminder that Tuesday is our walking field trip: please have students dress for the weather as we'll be outside most of the day. Students should wear uniform and tennis shoes. Bring a water bottle like usual. We'll leave school shortly after announcements at 8:00 and return around 2:30.

Looking Ahead:

Sept. 6: Labor Day, no school

Sept. 7: Ag Day walking field trip

Sept. 8: Battle of the Books meeting 3-4

Sept. 10: Grandparent's Day lunch

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