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Third Grade News-Sept. 23

Tomorrow is Fit & Fun Friday & NO UNIFORM day with $1 or an item for the food bank.

Plants, plants, everywhere! We had a fun week of Science! We started off with plant investigations on Monday. We're starting our plant poster projects: DUE Oct. 4. We're excited to go on a nature walk this afternoon!

Happy Birthday last week, Haidyn. Happy Birthday tomorrow, Tucker!

I'm so proud of the kiddos for FILLING the marble jar! They will get to vote on a class reward! I'm also super excited because EVERY STUDENT got an A+ on our religion quiz! WAY TO GO!!!

We really enjoyed our STREAM activities w/2nd grade last Friday. We copied recipes and made Constitution cookies, took a virtual tour of the white house, wrote thank you letters to our heroes, learned how to write calligraphy with a quill, created flag poles using toothpicks and modeling clay, and learned about bald eagles and got to draw one. Special thanks to Mrs. Pugh, Will's mom, for her help with the cookie rotation. Mrs. Woods and I hope to do special STREAM activities 1-2 times a month. We will need help with supplies and parent volunteers. More info to come!

Enjoy the pictures, and have a great weekend!

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