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Week #3

I hope you are enjoying a great Labor Day weekend!!!

Before we start a new school week, I wanted to share a few things with you :)

Last week we learned our primary colors: red, blue and yellow! We had fun wearing same color outfits, coloring, reading and doing activities with those colors.

This coming week, we will learn about the secondary colors: Wednesday - orange, Thursday - green, Friday - purple. Again, you may dress your child with the color of the day ;) and bring a book that talks about any of these colors to share it in class!

We started an art project painting ladybugs, using a potatoe and our fingers. Fun!

We continued talking about our feelings: being anxious, silly, wiggly, and being angry and frustrated. What makes us feel that way, and what can we do to turn our day around. We will continue talking about that and reading books about feelings, as it is a very important part of our social development!

In small groups, we worked on our cutting and gluing, and we are doing fantastic!!!

We continued observing our caterpillar... Look at him this week!

Now the wait is on... Are we going to get to see a butterfly next week???

Last, but not least, we did our first science experiment!!!! That was so exciting! We made rain clouds in jars... We look very serious as scientists!

We learned how to use droppers (very fun!) and we observed.... the rain coming down from our clouds!

Carly Nusbaum (aka Harper's Mom :) will be our Classroom Coordinator this year. She will be my link towards parents volunteers. When we need to organize classroom parties, for the auction project, for field trips or special events, she will let you know what we need in order to make these events fun and to have you included as much as possible in your child's life at school! THANK YOU SO MUCH volunteers for all you do!!!!

Mrs Aline Hunter

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