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Week #6

Playing with new things in preschool is fascinating!!!

We have been learning prosocial behaviors through some games and activities that encourage healthy relationships, reinforcing empathy, sharing, compassion and team building skills.

We continued working on colors. We colored with brown and black. We are getting really good at naming our colors and coloring inside the lines!

We also continued working on pencil grip, tracing with a crayon. We also worked on our fine motor skills while cutting paper, that was fun!!!

In art, we started making a rainbow, but we are not done with that yet! There is a lot of gluing to do, and we need quite a bit of help ;)

We are starting to work on recognizing and writing the first letter in our name!

Our lesson in religion this week was The Good Shepherd Cares for His Sheep. Just like our parents take care of us every day, God makes sure that our needs are met and watches over us with love.

We talked about fall time starting this week. With fall comes cooler weather, sweatshirts and jackets. We are learning how to be big and to put on our outfits by ourselves! At home, please help us by showing us where the head and arms go!!!

Coming up this week: School pictures are this Wednesday! If you have not done so yet, please remember to bring with you the order form and payment :) If you want your children to change after their picture, you can send me a note and we will help them with that ;)

I hope you are enjoying an extra day of weekend tomorrow, and I look forward to seeing all of you back on Tuesday and Wednesday!

Mrs Aline Hunter

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