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All Day Preschool and Transitional Kindergarten News, January 22, 2021


Next Week-

Monday - One More Day With Letter Pp

Tuesday - Introduce Letter Qq

Wednesday - Continue with Letter Qq

Thursday - Continue with Letter Qq

Friday - Show and Tell for the Letter Qq; Kansas Day Activities

Important Notes -

An updated calendar was sent to parents via e-mail. It is also on the web site. Please note the changes in bold. With these changes we still have four snow days built in because of the extra minutes added.

Catholic Schools Week Begins January 31. Watch for a complete list of activities

coming home today via e-mail.

Auction News -

Students brought home raffle tickets last week. Please check the flier for a list of prizes students can earn for selling tickets. Please help your child be extra careful this year selling - no door to door sales, please. Phone calls, e-mail, social media sales are safe with parents helping. THANK YOU for selling as many as you can to help support the school.

There are weekly prizes, and students need to turn in all money and tickets by Friday, February 12 at noon to count toward prizes. Students sold over $3,000 in tickets during the first week of sales - OUTSTANDING!!! Extra tickets are available in the purple tub on the front porch.

Weekly Raffle Sales Winners - Crayton and Cayne Taylor (!st); Ella Strunk (2nd); Emmitt and Emmalyn Kohman (3rd)

A note came home last week regarding the class auction projects. We have made some changes to the auction because of COVID restrictions, but we will still auction class projects during the week of February 13. The raffle drawing will be held on February 13th as well, and we will try to have a game or two. Please see the e-mail that came home or the web site for more details.



31 – Catholic Schools Week Begins

God bless your family with a GREAT weekend!

Watch for a brown paper bag coming home during your child's letter week. Please help your child fill the bag with four or five things that will help us learn more about him/her!

We are continuing our study of the alphabet - especially the sounds of each letter. We will also introduce correct formation of each letter. Each Friday is show and tell for the letter of the week. Your child may bring something that starts with the sound of our letter of the week.

God bless your family with a GREAT weekend!

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