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B is for BUGS!

We've had such a blast learning about bugs this week!! We have dug for bugs in the "dirt," (plastic bugs in chocolate krispies.) We've enjoyed caterpillar counting on leaves during center time, making a ladybug book working with positional words, and created letter B's using beads in art!! That doesn't even include the extra fun stuff we did this week for Fire Saftey. We were lucky enough to have the fire truck come visit our school on Wednesday and Fr. Peter went up on the big ladder!! It was amazing :) The preschool class was extremely good for the firefighters and I want to give them a pat on the back for great listening during the presentation!

We of course read many books on bugs and insects and discussed the differences between bugs (6 legs) and arachnids (8 legs.) We went on a bug hunt, did some graphing of the different kinds of bugs and made our usual letter B list (which was very long!)

In handwriting this week we worked on the capital letter B and worked on strengthening those fine motor muscles with cutting. We made a fire truck and cut many parts. We made a B book that we had to cut out and did a sequencing strip with the life cycle of a butterfly. Lastly we made a firefly jar which required many squares to be cut out! Any time they can work on cutting and writing at home, using the correct grip is awesome.

In religion this week we talked about caring for God's creation and the ways in which we can do that both in our family and in our community here at school. We talked about caring for animals as well as recycling and cleaning up our trash inside and outside.

We watched some interesting short video clips about bugs. We were even able to catch and observe an Assassin Bug on our playground. It was very interesting!

Some reminders for the upcoming week:

Monday: No School/Teacher Inservice

Thursday: Show and Tell instead of Friday

Friday: Pumpkin Patch field trip

Early release day (out at 1:00 pm)

*Please e-mail me and let me know (if you haven't already) if you can NOT take your child on the field trip. Also, we are in need of any volunteer drivers to help transport kids to/from the pumpkin patch. Please reach out to me if you are able/willing to take any extra kids (besides your own.) This will require some paperwork you can pick up at the office. Thanks!!

-Mrs. Whitehair

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