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We had so much fun learning about all our colors the past two weeks! We started with the primary colors and then learned how mixing different combinations of those makes the secondary colors. Thanks so much for helping your kids participate by dressing them in the color of the day! We enjoyed seeing Principal Whitehair join in the fun:) Here she is with us on purple day!

We did a lot of painting in art, including fingerpainting, blueberry painting, racecar painting and marble painting. We sent their color book home on Friday. We read the story of Noah's Ark and talked about trusting in God and His promise to us. We also learned the colors of the rainbow- the rainbow paintings are hanging in the room but will eventually come home.

This second week we read the story of "Jesus Welcomes the Children." We enjoyed taking a little walk over by the church to see the statue of Jesus and the Children. The religion flyer for this week came home in the folder (as all of our religion lessons will.) Please take the time to re-read the stories on the back of the flyer and discuss the family discussion points.

We also celebrated Wade's birthday!

In math we continue to work on recognizing patterns and similar attributes. We ended the week with some color graphing. We also did a color sorting activity with gummy bears. Make sure you check your child's backpack for the bag of extras ;)

Finally, a big thank you to all the grandparents who joined us for lunch and bingo and mass. This was such a great day for the kids thanks to them! I really appreciate all of you and the grandparents letting me know (or Ms. Kelly) if they were going to ride home with a grandparent. This is so very important and helpful to us on the family sack lunch days. THANKS!! It was kind of hectic that day but I managed to get a few pics. . . .


*This week we will begin our letters- we will start with letter F and our theme is Farm. If you want to send something on Friday for show and tell with letter of the week you sure can but it can also be something that doesn't start with F (your choice.)

*Please send your child's water bottle and folder daily to school

*Picture Day is coming up- Monday, Sept. 19

*Please keep working with your child on writing their name (First letter capital, all other letters lowercase)

Have a wonderful Sunday!

-Mrs. Whitehair

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