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February Shenanigans


Thank you for all of your support! We have had a crazy but fun week! We did try to focus on the importance of Lent on Ash Wednesday. I sent home a basic overview of the day and we talked about the meaning of the day. Please discuss and share as a family what you can do to prepare for Christ during Lent.

Thanks so much for ALL the auction support! Special thanks to Kristen McAsey, Mrs. Hacker and Ann Strunk for their help with the auction project! I just loved it!! And I learned some new tricks for my Cricut! Thanks ladies!

We spent Wednewday working on our stations for the 100th Day:

  1. A new sight word book - good

  2. Painting a bubble gum machine with 100 gumballs

  3. building with 100 legos

  4. licking a dum dum to see how many licks past 100 it takes 😍. They loved this one!

  5. building with 100 cups

  6. creating a chain of 100 links

  7. Making a 100 piece fruit loop necklace

  8. building with 100 marshmallows and 100 toothpicks

Wait until you see the pictures!

We are finishing off the week by watching 101 Dalmatians on Friday as we eat our 100 pieces of snacks! We have cheezits, cheerios, M&Ms, teddy grahams, pretzels, animal crackers, fruit loops, bugles, marshmallows and goldfish - 10 pieces of each! A HUGE thank you to all the families who helped donate and offered to help extra - thanks too to Caleb's mom who picked up the dum dums for today, as I left them off the list!

Special thanks to Tucker's family, Chase's family, Anna and Jenny's family for the valentine treats - extra ones are always loved! We are still finishing all of the extra goodies. We will start giving up snack one day a week, probably Wednesdays starting next week!

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