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Letter N is for Nest and Nutrition

Wow! What a nice week of learning about letter N. We enjoyed so many books this week about nutrition, ninjas, napping and nests. We made letter N's with wooden popsicle sticks and of course practiced writing them in our handwriting book. These were a little hard for us because to the diagonal line. We are getting it though!

We were able to do a sequencing activity with the story "A Napping House." The kids really loved this book and these will be displayed in the hallway for a little while before I send them home. We also made nests in art and hope to put three little white (cotton) eggs in them.

In math we continue to work on counting groups of three, and sorting objects several different ways using the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We continue to work on one to one counting (touching and counting one object at a time.) We focused on rectangle as our shape of the week this week. You can play "I spy" with your child when you're at home or out and about to see how many rectangles they can spot!

In religion we listened to the story about Peter telling the crowd how we can be Jesus' friends and followers. What is required of us: love Jesus and follow his ways. We discussed how this includes being kind, sharing with other and particularly sharing with others who may not have enough (food, clothes, love). We discussed what the food pantry is and how we can donate food/clothing to those in need.

Finally, it's a big week for our veterans! Thank you to all of our Veterans, we are so grateful for their service and sacrifice! We enjoyed making several works of art to honor them and we enjoyed Mr. Simenson (Mrs. Simenson's husband) coming to visit us and answer questions Thursday morning. The preschoolers also got to see the Freedom Riders coming by on their motorcycles outside the front of our school and got to go through a tank Thursday afternoon. We talked about how important it is to stand and place your hand over your heart when the American Flag is going by or being raised. We also enjoyed doing a little extra practice on the Pledge of Allegiance.

It was also Charlotte's Birthday this week! She turned 5!! We loved the purple rice- krispie treats she shared with us- yum!

Enjoy your nice long weekend! The next two weeks we will be studying letter T for Turkey and Thanksgiving. I will see you all next week!

-Mrs. Whitehair


*Bookorders went home in folders Wednesday (the online code is written on top box on back.) You go to scholastic website and click on parent, find our school, Pre-K (or my name) and then order. They usually come in 2 weeks from order but are experiencing some shipping delays. The earlier you order the better.

*Show and Tell (Letter T) Friday

*Thanksgiving Dinner at school is Tuesday, Nov.23 (They are allowed to bring up to 2 people)

*No school Nov. 24-26

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