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Letter O is for Ocean and Octopus

Parents, I am sorry to say I’m at home sick. I know we’ve had a lot of yuckiness going around. I will be keeping this newsletter short and sweet.

We’ve had a lot of interesting activities and artwork for letter O. We are doing a two-week study of the Ocean and have incorporated various math and literacy skills throughout last week and will be continuing this week with a lot of art and science and technology. We’ve enjoyed many ocean books, including some with rhyming, facts on ocean animals, character education books and some just for fun! One of my favorite activities last week was reading about Rainbow Fish using courage to face difficult/scary things to help his friend. We talked a lot about courage to do the right thing even when it's scary. We then made rainbow fish and they will be displayed for a little while before you see them at home. They did a beautiful job with putting iridescent scales on their fish!

We did several math lessons last week on recognizing small numbers without having to count them and matching up numbers to the corresponding dots. We used a fun board game in the math series to work on counting forward.

In handwriting we of course practiced making the letter O and made some cards for Reed's new baby sister!

In religion we discussed how Jesus has a family and how he was fully human as well as fully God. We talked about how He experienced all the feelings we experience and how he experienced pain, just like us. We continue to do a circle every week for our VBRD (Virtue Based Restorative Discipline) and have been focusing on including all friends. The preschoolers are doing Amazing with our circles!!

This week each morning we are watching a video snipet on a new ocean animal. We will be doing some patterning and some sequencing. We will also be working on recognizing initial (beginning) letter sounds in words. We will be using our water table and kinetic sand in our sensory centers. We will be discussing the differences between a saltwater and freshwater habitat on Friday and doing some experimenting with freshwater vs. saltwater and discovering what floats in which environment! We will also use this to do some sorting and graphing!

There’s your quick update and I hope to be well and back in the classroom soon! Enjoy the pictures of your kiddos and check out the reminders below!


*This Friday is the 100th day of school, please send 100 items to share with the class (we will be using in art/counting/math centers so they need to be something that doesn't have to be returned) Any items you can find outside or around the house (cheerios, small rocks, mini marshmellows, toothpicks, ect.) If you have questions/concerns- please e-mail me.

*Please send a water bottle with your student every day

*Auction donations are due this week

*Thank you to all who donated to our class auction project- stay tuned for pictures soon!

*Next week is Catholic Schools Week (begins this coming Sunday) we will have the option to dress up each day of next week as follows (these are all optional please don't go out and buy anything!):

Monday-wear silly socks and/or a hat

Tuesday-wear clothes of a career you admire

Wednesday-red, white and blue day

Thursday-dress as your favorite saint

Friday-pajama day/crazy hair day

FRIDAY: Sack Lunch Day

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