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Newsletter O


Centers: Valentine buckets (create bucket/pick color/color heart), Valentine cards for Village Manor, Kitchen fun, & ocean sensory bin

Whole Group: Hot ball Game- pass the ball around your table while the music is playing. When the music stops the student, who is holding the ball still must yell out the letter of the week.


Centers: Copy & draw art (snowman picture), Build snowmen out of playdoh, ABC puzzles, & puppet show fun

Whole Group: Book: Storytime! ~ SNEEZY THE SNOWMAN Read Aloud ~ Stories for Kids ~ Bedtime Story Read Along Books, Yoga: Saturday Morning Yoga | Joybob the Polar Bear- Website:


Centers: Color the things that start with the letter O, playdoh fun with numbers, Train tracing ABC’s, & painting fun with rollers/sponges

Whole Group: - Yoga video: Yoga Time! Jungle Safari: Kids Yoga and Nursery Rhymes | Cosmic Kids- Website:


Centers: Cut & paste fun pictures, quiet reading time (Valentine books), Tangrams animal pictures (learning shapes), & mystery toy bins (building/creating/sharing)

Whole Group: Youtube: Boom Chicka Boom ❤ Valentine’s Day Songs for Kids ❤ Kids Dance Song ❤ by The Learning Station- Website:


Centers: Melted snowman craft, waffle blocks fun, trace the letter O worksheet, & letter O sensory bin

Whole Group: Show and tell for letter O (bring something that starts with the letter O)

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