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Thursday News


Good evening!  I know it is a bit late!  I apologize - I was working on my plans for tomorrow.  I will not be in the building - Mrs. Hunter, our preschool para, will be in our room to teach tomorrow.  We will be working on community helpers and enjoying fit and fun Friday activities.  I will be available if you have questions - I have some obligations via, zoom and will have my email open to respond through midday.

We had a big week of studying apples - today we had such fun, cutting apples apart, measuring them, counting the seeds, predicting about the seeds and of course eating!  Only half the groups were able to finish today - but we will keep going on Tuesday.  We will also be making apple sauce and I will bringing some homemade treats for the kids to try!  I was not able to get all of the supplies but have modified our plans to finish our unit this week. We will be starting lessons on pumpkins quickly after apples. 

On Monday, October 5, the Moose Creek Pumpkin Patch is coming to St. Andrew's Elementary!  We are still unable to take field trips, per Diocesan policy but the Strodas are helping us make it happen!  All kids will be getting a pumpkin - out of the goodness of their hearts!  They are wonderful people - it is such a great adjustment to be able to have our pumpkin patch field trip!  

Next Friday, our kids who met the reading requirements over the summer will be celebrating their hard work!  Congrats to those who made it!

Please do not forget to pick up your trash bags tomorrow!!!  Our chairs have worked very hard to make this happen - help all the way from Washington-  please respect their work!  Thank you to Anne Strunk and Kristen McAsey - we raised over $13,000 to help the school!  

Thank you again for all the help and support!  We are looking forward to October - some of my favorite units!

Shannon Woods

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