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Thursday News

Good Evening,

Thanks you for making this week so special!  It was amazing!  I have not been able to keep up with the thank you notes!  I am working on it!  You are so generous and helpful - it makes the classroom so much fun - to have those extra things!

I was able to find some great deals and got all of the supplies we needed for our upcoming art, science and STREAM projects.  If you could please send each kiddo with a bag of candy corn - the different colors are fine.  We also need some raw broccoli - it can be old, preferably not stinky! We are doing some painting with it!  Such fun projects coming up!  

Don't forget Friday dismissal at 1 pm!

No School on Thursday or Friday next week!

Conferences will all be via zoom.  Please keep the following things in mind when we are zooming:

1. I will be providing some information in a manila envelope, please have it when we meet.

2. We will need to meet in a quiet setting and we will not need to have your kiddos at the conferences.  If there is anything specific you want to discuss, feel free to send it to me in advance!

3. Headphones will work great - if it works for you.  I will plan to use them a good portion of the time to get the best sound!

4. Remember - technology is amazing, when it works!  I have made great strides in zoom etiquette but there are always errors and ways for it to be better.  Please be patient with me if things are not going 100% the right way.  

5. When you enter the conference, you might be in the waiting room for a bit - again, please be patient!  I have 21 students this year - which will be about seven hours of conferences and I am squeezing in my own five kiddos too.  I might need a quick break between meetings but I promise to give you 100% when I get there!

Thanks again for making my week so special - God Bless!

Shannon Woods

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