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V is for St. Valentine

We began letter V for St. Valentine last week and since it was a short week, we ended it on this Monday with Valentine's Day. In addition to making letter V's with popsicle sticks, playdough and linkin log sticks we enjoyed making them in our handwriting books. The preschoolers did a fantastic job on making amazing Valentines bags and they had so much fun filling their friends' bags on Monday with Valentines. Thank you so much to all of you for making the Valentines Party fun! Great snacks, great games and great cards for everyone's friends. :)

We had a lot of Valentines math- counting and patterning different colors and kinds of hearts and then on Monday getting to estimate how many conversation hearts would fit in the different sized heart shapes on the poster. (We ate a few after using great self-control during the estimation activity;)

We have been working on beginning sounds now that we've been through at least half the alphabet I've been challenging them to not just remember the beginning letter of the week but many of the letters we've studied. They are getting better and better with letter recognition and sound recognition.

In religion, we enjoyed playing a board game "We Love Our Family." It was sent home last week- it has the directions on the back if you want to play with your child at home. Please take the time each week to read over the bible story for the week and discuss with your preschooler. This helps reinforce what we've talked about at school and shows them you take interest in what they're learning in religion.

In art we made adorable heart puppy dogs (these came down from the bulletin board today and will be coming home in their folders.) They did an awesome job on these and I hope you all enjoyed seeing them outside our room at the Auction.

Speaking of the Auction, I want to say Thank You So Much to all of you! All your support for the entire auction this year was AMAZING! Our school did very well and it's all thanks to generous donations of time/treasure and talent from people like you. We're so blessed to have awesome parents!!


*No School Monday (Feb. 21st)

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