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W is for Winter Weather!

Well, I guess it's just as well that we are talking about winter weather since we've had so much this week! With Monday off and then Thursday off we will be continuing letter W and continuing on this theme next week. The best part of the week for me was that we had all our friends back at school! Yay! We also welcomed our new student, Patrick. We're so glad to have you in our class! We had a good short week this week studying what we wear in the winter and discussing what groups of winter things that go together and those that don't. The kids enjoyed calendar this week with the new month and we've started patterning with our calendar. It's fun to say 2022 now rather than 2021.

We also watched a couple short clips on winter weather animals and what adaptations they make to live in their environment. We made a cute snowman out of different shapes (these are hanging in our room and will be coming home later.) They had to use their counting skills for two circles for eyes, six squares for the mouth and one carrot nose. We also got re-acclimated with centers and enjoyed the Christmas train as one of our free play centers. We read several books on snow and snowmen- my favorite was "What Snowmen Do At Night." I'm hoping to expand on this book by having them come up with their own snowman adventure for next week. We also began talking about the strokes of letter W and how to write it. Next week will go more in depth and complete our W in our handwriting book.

In religion, we talked about the Magi (the three wisemen that came to visit baby Jesus after he was born.) We discussed what gifts they brought to him and were able to walk over to the church to see the entire nativity up close and personal. We talked about how it's our job to continually seek Jesus and to bring others to him.

Next week we will be having some changes in our normal schedule as our time with the Kindergarten transitional students will be shorter. They will be joining Kindergarten much earlier for Music and P.E. and then having math and lunch with them as well. For your reference, they will be gone from the preschool room from 10:20 on- with only a brief stop back by the room to grab their coats and backpacks after Music and P.E. This will affect the rest of the class as well as Mrs. Simenson will now be going with Kindergarten to lunch. I wanted you to be aware of the schedule in case you have to pick up your child for an appointment, etc. and need to know where they are. Also, you that have transitional kindergarteners- they will now be eating lunch third lunch instead of first lunch.

Have a great weekend!

-Mrs. Whitehair


*Report cards were sent home in your child's folder Friday. For those of you that haven't been bringing a folder -Please check their backpack!!

*Auction raffle tickets were sent home in folders (again check backpack if no folder)

Plese don't cut apart the raffle tickets- we've been asked to leave them in full sheets even if you sell to three or more people from the same sheet. Any questions please contact Lindsay Hartman. E-mail me if you need her contact info.

*Monday- Transitional Kindergarteners' schedule changes

*Jan.17- No School

*Jan. 30 begins Catholic Schools Week

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